Streamlined Project Estimation

Agencies and their consultants use Estimator to generate precise estimates with confidence. By incorporating four price derivation methods and historical bid tab data from our Bid Express service, Estimator transforms data into scientifically-sound project estimates.

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Field Extensions

Accountability and efficiency are key to successful projects. FieldManager® makes it easy to record and track construction contract data, including pay estimates, material usage, change orders, and more.

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Automated Construction Administration & Inspection

Municipalities and engineering firms nationwide use Appia® to streamline construction contract management, create a collaborative environment for project stakeholders, and transform data into valuable information.

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Doc Express®
Paperless Document Workflow

Fully embrace eConstruction with a secure platform for paperless contracting, designed specifically to handle construction document workflows. With vital project documents stored safely in the cloud, everything from audits to certifications goes off without a hitch.

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